21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want To Hear [NeoAnglo]

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"angloids be like" is a usually weekly take on the most dangerous and/or ridiculous that the internet has to offer our movement.  Whether that consists of recent podcasts, popular YouTube uploads, or even obscure "black-power" articles from 2013, our resident angloid will dissect these media in ways that are only possible on a platform like WAM.

So strap in, make yourself some bloody tea, and don't scrimp on the goddamn scrumpets.

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As the creator of and co-founder of, our humble site developer felt it was time to throw his hat in the ring and come out a little bit from behind the scenes.

NeoAnglo is the co-founder and Site Developer for W.A.M. He is also the co-host of "Shekel-Free Zone."

"angloids be like" is an opportunity for you to see the world through his lenses, where the absurdity of everday leftism and anti-western thought is taken to its furthest logical (or illogical) extreme, and even - one could say - to its highest form.

No feminist blogspot url is safe, no black identitarian can hide. If "intersectionality" is what they used to deconstruct the west, then "angloids be like" is how we will vivisect their madness.


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