As the creator of and co-founder of, our humble site developer felt it was time to throw his hat in the ring and come out a little bit from behind the scenes.

“angloids be like” is a usually weekly take on the most dangerous and/or ridiculous that the internet has to offer our movement.  Whether that consists of recent podcasts, popular YouTube uploads, or even obscure “black-power” articles from 2013, our resident angloid will dissect these media in ways that are only possible on a platform like WAM.

So strap in, make yourself some bloody tea, and don’t scrimp on the goddamn scrumpets.

As a member of the diapered resistance, NeoAnglo was one of the first to stand in line to stock-up on the needed essentials surrounding the Covid-19 panic.  In fact, he formed the line months ahead of any official government announcements, and at that time, it was a line of one.

Most people think that it was fears of supply-line shortages amidst the spreading Coronavirus that compelled people to stock-up in defiance of retailer purchase limits.

We now know that it was the raw inspiration of seeing this proud man, draped in St. George’s flag, scouring their local bog-roll aisle for the most patriotic bargains he could find on every manner of toiletry hygiene products, that truly spurned the “panic buying” we see today.

At the end of the day we should thank him for telling us all what we should  have already known.

All Hail Sanitation.


  – NeoAnglo (2019)