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hites are waking-up in this country. We’re waking-up to the fact that our tolerance, kindness, and altruism are not being reciprocated – they’re being abused. We’re waking-up to find ourselves increasingly locked-out of the very institutions our forebears established, going all the way back to Plato.

What the left call “inclusivity” has been the means by which we are being systematically pushed-out; and when the left say “diversity is our strength,” they’re not lying – but it’s their strength, not ours.

Every political movement, every progressive program, and every related cultural-paradigm that has been introduced since the 1960’s has been designed to weaken and destroy us; not to strengthen us.

  • * Abortion – which genocides our offspring

  • * Birth control – which prevents them from coming into existence in the first place

  • * Feminism – which shames the woman out of the home, but lauds her for corporate servitude

  • * Promotion of divorce – which tears-down the very building-block of our society

  • * Normalization of infidelity – which further compounds the mistrust and resentment already created by feminism

  • * Normalization of homosexuality – which precludes men and women from ever coming together at all

  • * Promotion of Transgenderism – which degrades, weakens, and erases our male identity – along with our nations

    and finally

  • * Puberty-blockers – which prevent whatever survivors there are of these [aforementioned] atrocities from even having children on their own.

Our enemies know what they’re doing – they’ve been at this for a while. They saw a weakness, and they pounced on it. That weakness was war-guilt for the Axis countries, and blind faith in the establishment for the Allies; not only on the part of the war generation itself, but increasingly by this ever-expanding electorate that they helped generate.

How many more people from around the globe need to be given ‘universal suffrage’ before the Democrat party can find a population gullible enough to vote for them? If there’s any argument for the race and I.Q. gap, I would suggest this to be the strongest one.

We can still win this; even just barely. We’ll just have to be smarter than they are – which shouldn’t be very hard. Our problem is not intelligence; our problem, as members of the white working-class, is will-power. That is something we can control… but only if we “feel” like it. So White America, I have a question for you:



While an army of child-traffickers, murderers, drug dealers and fentanyl-distributors are swarming across our border – assaulting or murdering yet another of our women as soon as they get the chance, but only so long as it’s convenient; fatally colliding with one more of our brothers, fathers, or teenage sons while out driving drunk to celebrate, and then getting away with it because the Democratic establishment doesn’t want to deport convicted felons anymore?


While gangs of black “youths” storm your local Walgreen’s to loot with impunity and possibly burn it to the ground, depending on whether they were pissed-off or just bored that day; all because of the very technology that we have given them access to, and which they use for idle means at best – and destructive means the rest of the time.


While one great American city after another falls victim to heroin, needles, corruption, and epidemic levels of feces; as long as the taxpayer is there to shoulder the burden – and increasingly, to become crushed underneath it.


When the media only points out race if the perpetrators are white, and always bends over backwards to assure us that black criminals are the real victims of society… a society which has pandered to them to the point that their feelings are more important than our families, and the greatest modern sin imaginable would be to hold the black community to account.


When you can’t even walk to the grocery store on “the wrong side of town,” without dramatically increasing the likelihood that you will get shot for being white; when you have to deal with the fact that there IS a “wrong side of town” in the first place! Why are we allowing this? Why do the demands of egalitarians always end-up forcing us to abandon our standards, just because some other group of people can’t (or won’t) live-up to them?

These other groups… they’re not being disproportionately targeted by-virtue of the fact that they’re black; they just disproportionately refuse to behave themselves. And it’s time for us to put a stop to it.


Voting for Trump isn’t gonna fix this – he won’t even address us by name. Every time our Blexit president brags about his record-low unemployment numbers, he will reference how well every other racial demographic is doing except for ours: the white working population who voted for him.

What happened to party loyalty? Well that’s a two-way street – and the Republicans haven’t been loyal to us for years (if they ever were). During every period of Democrat rule, and after they get done quoting Martin Luther King and telling us about how inside of every Hispanic lives a natural-born conservative, they’ll move onto paying lip-service in order to get us to believe that this time, it’ll be different. That this time, they’ll finally do something about the crisis at the border. About the tens of millions of illegal aliens who need to be deported. About the Islamic crusades taking place in Dearborn, Michigan; Paterson, New Jersey; Los Angeles, California; and *ahem* Washington, D.C. About the criminal gangs who take over every square inch of the inner-city environments that we used to be able to enjoy, and how the suburban sprawl which grew up around them now increasingly falls victim to the same crimes.

Why do the demands of egalitarians always end-up forcing us to abandon our own standards, just because some other group of people can’t live-up to them?

We have to do something, because they’re not going to. The Republican party treats us the same way that the Democrats treat the blacks. They take our votes for granted, and deliver us unto evil. Which makes me wonder – who were the stupid ones again?..

I would like to believe, of course, that this has more to do with laziness, apathy, or some form of political-resignation – than it does outright retardation. But if we keep believing the same lies over and over and continue to act accordingly, then it will become stupidity – and we will deserve what happens to us. So before that can come to pass, we’re just gonna have to #WalkAway ourselves.

The reason Trump didn’t stop at just being a “pressure-release valve” is because our enemies, in their arrogance, allowed the pressure to get too high – and for the temperature to become too hot. And then the valve burst – and the levee broke. And our National spirit became a Revolutionary spirit – and it burns with a fire all its own…

They know it… but they can’t stop it. That’s why they keep pouring oil onto the fire; they’re hoping that we’ll just burn ourselves out.

And we will, if we continue to:

  • -Vote for Republicans

  • -Consume mass-media

  • -Tolerate anti-white advertisements

  • -Rely upon social media (and dating-apps) to fill the void left by a lack of cohesive white communities

  • -Allow Twitter-mobs to determine our employment-status and popularity

and especially

  • If we continue to pretend that we can use anti-white platforms to push pro-white messaging

This technology that was supposed to free us has now, quite literally, taken-over our lives – and soon its oligarchs will seek to take over our monetary-system, too. Once that happens, those who are ostracized from the social-media platforms associated will also be ostracized from the marketplace itself.


It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.”


… Sometimes I feel like this is a self-fulfilling prophecy; but if there is a “Beast:”

1) He’s already here

2) He’s probably gender-neutral, and

3) This is how the beast intends to make its mark.

It’s not the existence of the technology in of itself; just like it’s not the existence of a mass-media in of itself; just like it’s not the institution of government itself, nor of the universities, the pharmaceutical industry, or even – for that matter – the churches.

It’s who’s running them…

We have allowed the organs of the beast to infect our institutions, and now they have to be driven-out. And let’s be frank: if we learned anything from the 2nd world war, it was that the best way to drive-out a parasite is not to wait until we have to wage war on the entire body; but to starve the parasite, until it dries up and withers away. This is why, at every level, we’re going to have to build our institutions from scratch.

And as should be obvious by now, we’ve decided to start with the media.

The advantages to this approach are obvious. Media control offers the most versatile, comprehensive impact possible in one fell swoop. Here we can control the message, create a replacement for the degenerate mainstream, and channel the disaffection of the white working-class into something more politically productive. In order to organize them, we have to be able to reach them first; and that isn’t going to happen on Telegram, Gab, BitChute or even YouTube anymore – at least so long as we have to tailor our message to the constant threat of getting de-platformed. We need something to call our own for a change.

There are some who have pointed-out that this space runs the risk of becoming an ideological echo-chamber.

To these people I say: “That’s the point.

There are also those who insist that unless we likewise platform the center, Luke-warm right, and even the rabid Rousseauean left, then we will miss out on all of the best elements from the “marketplace of ideas” – and more than that, become intellectually uncompetitive.

Well I’m not sure if you’ve noticed – but the center-right aren’t listening, and the leftists aren’t buying. Not to mention, they already have a platform – together, they own every platform except for ours! We’re the ones who are in need of legitimate media representation. Afterall, it goes without saying that these two groups will only include us in their programming when it comes time to ridicule, mischaracterize, disavow, or fear-monger at our expense. So why should our beleaguered community take on the additional cost of promoting these incompatible world-views that oppose our very existence?

We’re doing that already, and it’s quite literally killing us.

When’s the last time BlazeTV hosted a program in which white+positive identity took center-stage, instead of just being an object for dismissal and revulsion? Their entire platform revolves around continuously renouncing and counter-signalling us to save face, while still clinging to ideas that can only fly in homogeneous white societies. Sure, we believe in some of the same things – but they only believe in them “for the right reasons.” Any attempt by right-wingers to engage in identity politics is, in their view, just part of the same problem. So where’s your “free-speech” there? Has BlazeTV ever given a White Identitarian Nationalist their own show?

Find it for me, and we’ll put them on White American Media.

We have to get over this mindset that in order to achieve “legitimacy,” we must gracefully tolerate the disingenuous tantrums of leftists when it comes to anything that does not expressly benefit minorities, Jews, or degenerates over the interests of white Americans. To continue doing this is to advance the proposition that leftism is still the natural default of society – and that moreover, it should be. Well it’s not – at least, not for whites. Leftism is a cancerous, parasitic and deconstructionist blight on our institutions – institutions that our fathers built – and ultimately, the reason why these institutions are now becoming untenable.

Again, the problem wasn’t in the existence of these institutions themselves – it’s who took-over them, and usurped yet another element of our birthright in the name of “equality;” and if you need a primer on who we mean by that, then you should probably go back to reading The Daily Stormer.

We’re here to discuss what’s going to be done about it.

To that end, we have to recognize that we can never advance in our careers, our creative pursuits, or in white+positive advocacy if we’re constantly on the run from mainstream blacklisting. We can never become the establishment we seek to overtake if we are always having to move our content from one platform to another, always playing hide-and-go-seek with the twitter-mobs, and trying to evade or circumvent the latest community-guidelines strike all while continually having to re-build our following everytime this happens and doing our best to avoid personal exposure in the process. We want exposure! That’s the entire point. We just have to shift to a position where we control the consequences of that exposure, and can ensure that it benefits us – and not our political enemies.

That’s why it’s time to Get Re-Platformed; even if you’ve never been de-platformed before. We’re so confident that there are enough supremely creative people in our community to populate this platform, we are even willing to take you on for free. How many of you have thought to yourselves “what’s the point in even trying? I don’t want to be on the ground-floor of a collapsing building. The mainstream is just going to SHUT US DOWN, and the entertainment industry will exile us the moment they see our faces in a torch-lit rally – or even at an America First conference… so why even bother?”

Sometimes we forget that established creators aren’t the only ones out there. Those who are fresh, original, sincere and motivated are just as important and also need a place to call home. It is our mission to ensure that they get this. We will not allow our community’s collective creative potential to be stunted before it even has the chance to take root. That is why it’s time to get re-platformed.

Those who refuse to share our hearth may very well end-up finding themselves out in the cold… but I said this was only the first step. Every other institution will be infinitely easier to re-create once we have our own independent media – including the financial system – because in this modern secular world, the media acts as the core of our society’s narrative; and for too long, it has been in the hands of the enemy.

So take heart, and know that a solution is in the works. It’s being built as you read this. Once we declare total independence from enemy control over our economic infrastructure as well, then we will be yet another step closer to re-taking our individual liberties, to re-claiming our territorial sovereignty, and to re-building our white European nations.

But before we can re-build anything, we will have to get:


The White Shadow

The White Shadow

The White Shadow

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White American Media is just getting started, and we are looking for Creators like you
Our purpose is to lead the white working-class in decisive political action, and to represent our collective interests without apology or compromise
To do that, we needed a space to reach our audience without worrying about getting de-platformed
Whether you are a writer, commentator, artist, musician, or just conscious about the issues facing everyday Whites in our ancestral homelands:

Join us in creating an enduring Nationalist platform


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