Which Device Is the Best for Beginner Vapers?

Vaping has gained more of the community’s inclination over the last decade, and now it is a fashion hype. Smokers also use it to transition from the health hazard habit while maintaining their nicotine dosage. Since more and more people adopt vaping, innovative minds also set out to try a puff or two.

However, vaping can be difficult for someone who has not vaped before. Vaping devices contain vaping liquids and a vapor-forming mechanism. Nowadays, vaping pods are more common than other forms. Renowned devices that provide the needed ease to beginners and the perfect kick for veterans include the Caliburn A2 pods. Let’s see what makes these pods stand out from the other products.

What Features Make the Best Device for Beginner Vapers?

Sleek And Attractive Design

The vaping veterans don’t pay much attention to the exterior of the pod systems; they only want their nicotine. However, beginner vapers have a desire to have an attractive-looking pod. The Caliburn A2 pod systems deliver that. They have nine attractive colors that blend perfectly with formal and informal looks.

Super-Easy to Use

Vape devices have different shapes. There are ones shaped like classic tobacco pipes and then the pen-shaped ones. However, Caliburn has a signature look that is both ergonomic and compact. The top has a lip-fitting design that is beginner friendly as the vaping liquid travels straight to the mouth of the user rather than fluttering elsewhere.

Accessible Draw System

If you are new, you’ll seldom remember to press the power button before making a draw (because you are too nervous about getting it right!). However, Caliburn features two drawing mechanisms.

You can draw directly or by pressing the start button. The draw mode provides an effortless draw if you are unsure about the amount. However, if you have some practice, you can use the start button to customize the amount of the vapor.

Hassle-Free Cartridge Filling

One of the most troubling things beginner vapers face is filling their pods. No one understands the complicated refilling system present in some pod systems. In contrast, the Caliburn features a top filling mechanism that you can fill using a dropper.

A clear monitoring window lets you keep an eye on the level of the e-liquid in the cartridge. You can fill it up to the mark quickly as the liquid slowly flows from the dropper, allowing you to pour it into the cartridge without spilling.


Lastly, there is the impeccable safety the Caliburn A2 offers. The cartridge uses a high-quality transparent unbreakable, and scratch-resistant plastic. It is strong enough to resist dissolving even when you use citric flavors.

New vapers usually forget about the safety of the start button when carrying the pods in their bags or pocket. The makers of Caliburn heeded the situation and provided the solution. The switch of the pod system is aligned with the body to prevent accidental triggers. You can easily carry it around with other stuff as well.


Beginners face the significant challenge of adjusting to their vaping devices. However, things attain smoothness if you have Caliburn A2 pod systems.

These pod systems are super simple to use and possess an artistic look with varying colors. The filling mechanism increases their convenience as you can fill them up without spills. An aligned start button is there to prevent accidental triggers when kept away. Lastly, the sturdy metal body and durable cartridges make them ideal for various use cases and provide temperature resistance.