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hen Bill Whittle spoke about executive orders, he described them as “Law written in pencil.” If you host content on YouTube, have a following on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, then this hits home. The same old story repeated ad-nauseum, just watch the faces change.

You and the creators you share a bond with, the hours of craftsmanship, the time and labor poured into countless videos, podcasts, insightful commentaries and cutting criticisms… all subject to removal at any time. No knock, no ring, only a calling card left for your troubles – before stripping away your digital life’s work forever. All because of one angry twitter mob, a community guidelines change, or some pearl clutching initiative from the usual suspects, and you have now been De-platformed. Un-Personed, cast aside like the human excrement they think you are. Your ability to express yourself and your digital freedom taken away at a moment’s notice by people you will NEVER even speak to.

This has gone on for long enough, and there is only one solution: it’s time for those persecuted by the establishment to walk away for good. And do you know what the best part is? You never even needed them in the first place…

That’s right, let it sink in; because as soon as you realize you were in an abusive relationship, everything starts to makes sense. The first thing the abuser will do is convince you that you are worthless, that you are the scum of the earth and if it weren’t for them you would be absolutely nothing. Crying penniless under the nearest overpass, sipping on the last remnants of cheap vodka, watching your self-esteem and sanity trickle away as everyone and everything you’ve ever loved abandons you.

But the truth is that just like all abusers, they need YOU: not only to believe in their lie, but to feed off of YOUR content and donations like parasites.

YouTube Patreon SubscribeStar
Per Super Chat
Platform Fee: (8%)
Platform Fee: (5%)
Processing: 30 Cents
Processing: 30 Cents

*YouTube bury this in their Terms of Agreement – a great breakdown was made here.

Let’s say that you are a new creator, who by some small miracle manages to survive for now; you’ll still be struggling to gain the traction you deserve, while fighting against all the shadow bans and limited-state obstacles that they will eventually impose.

These unrelenting parasites are happiest when ripping you off, and flipping you off, all at the same time. Well here’s a Newsflash to the tech tyrants: we aren’t going to let you have OUR cake and eat it too! Kicking us off merely helps to cement the inevitable realization – even sooner – that our based DENOMINATION$ must go elsewhere.

This drainage shall occur no more.

All Rick wanted was to enjoy his white positive dairy based snacking choice. But deep down he knew they would never let him experience the creamy goodness in peace…


Just one of many reasons we created WhiteAmericanMedia…

How do you feel reading this same kind of corporate soft-speak that we’re used to? Does it comfort you to know that it’s the most polite way they can think of to tell us that we’re not welcomed? You could be forgiven at a glance for thinking that this came from YouTube, PayPal or Patreon. 


This came straight from the horse’s mouth at SubscribeStar, a supposed “people’s” alternative to the very Silicon Valley oligarchs mentioned above. A Renowned space for dissident creators, if you believe the hype; barring us, who self-describe as “advocating for the white working-class,” from their platform.

Even if they allow your thought-crimes for now, who’s to say that their leniency will continue?

They kindly clarified that this decision was final, too. So if you were ever wondering whether SubscribeStar thought it was okay to be white, it seems we have our answer… white well-being must be just too risky for their business model.


So if, as stated previously, walking away is the only solution, then that raises the following question: where exactly should we go?  Well as it turns out, our hope is that as you read this very article, you will already be there.

WhiteAmericanMedia was founded by two uncompromising nationalists who kept getting kicked off of every one of these abusive platforms before we ever knew what hit us. Never permitted to gain a following, because that following is contingent upon appeasing a controlled-opposition already firmly in-place; not to mention the corporate advertisers who have opposed our agenda from day-one.

We have the right to own the fruits of our labor. Our blood, sweat and tears cannot belong to our abusers anymore. We are human beings with real concerns, and people deserving of respect. It has been frankly beneath us to allow these abusers to steal from us for so long as they have. The time for a viable pro-white alternative borne merely of convenience has already long been passed, as we are at the point of necessity; the last proverbial train is about to announce its departure. If you think this is something that can still be done in the context of these existing corporate overlords, you’ve got another thing coming. All of the mass-communication internet platforms that we have hitherto enjoyed for “free” are now coming firmly under opposition control; and since we have not yet collaborated effectively on an alternative media enterprise, the airways carrying our collective Nationalist voice are constricting as a result – with our favorite video-uploading site being merely the latest among them.

Don’t take our word for it – just look at YouTube’s latest terms of service agreement, where they explicitly state that access to their platform is contingent upon them deeming you commercially viable. Combine this with the free-roaming (((partisan advocacy))) groups that they already allow to wield the ban hammer with nearly unlimited discretion, and we all know where their surrogate platform is heading.

Spoiler: it isn’t a space that will be White+Positive.

For those who choose to take their chances and remain in this creative captivity, we can see that it is becoming a space which is increasingly afforded to only the most hygenic and Judeo-funded “Conservatives.” If we have only one important take-away from the Groyper wars, it was that conservatives don’t really conserve anything – nor do they seem interested in actually protecting any of the traditions or cultural heritage that they claim to hold dear. Behind the patriotic window-dressing and hypocritical sophistry of their positions, we see that they are merely pawns; chess pieces willingly engaged in playing the role our enemy demands of them. Their only purpose is in deceiving those with real love for their country into believing lies that, without intervention, would be the undoing of the countries themselves.

Herein lies the economic challenge to any endeavor such as this. As YouTube has shown us, massive un-curated video hosting is not a profitable enterprise – which is probably why they’re moving away from the ‘un-curated’ aspect of it. And while we still predict that they are betting on the wrong side of this cultural paradigm-shift, the fact still remains that open-ended alternatives have yet to make a better go of it. The terrible user interfaces alone have provided a looking glass into the sad tale of talented creators who previously enjoyed large and dedicated followings on the mainstream – but are now reduced to drowning among the uploads of their lessers, all while receiving a fraction of the views they ever did before. Even beloved BitChute still boasts sub-HD video quality, reminiscent of the 480p fan re-uploads you find from currently-shoah’d creators – and an equally cancerous audio bit-rate to match. BitChute is a considerable achievement from a technical point of view, but we think there is a better way.

As it stands, if you are a creator who seeks to turn love of country into practical action through your content, your alternative to joining an independent space such as our own are as follows: to live the cucked existence YouTube prescribes for you, as outlined above; to sign-up for a handful of crappy video sites that will either shut down before they become successful, or kick you off once they do; or to merely stop creating altogether.

None of these options are acceptable to us. They shouldn’t be acceptable to you, either.


Here’s the good news: there is another way. At White American Media, we are building it together. You will never have to sign another blood-pact with an awfully greedy looking fellow in order to have a platform to advocate for your nation, or accept his constantly shifting rules about what you can and cannot say again. All it takes is a love of your people, a drop of creativity and some elbow-grease. Your freedom to be a dissident thinker awaits you here.

Make no mistake, it will rely upon building, joining and supporting this space as if it is your home – but as we are doing so, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and advocate for White Positive messages like never before – and just in time, too. We are truly standing in the last sliver of light before a total blackout descends upon our people. It can be equally said that no establishment has ever supported its own undoing, and the leftist tyranny we are facing will be no different. To this end we must work with each other while remaining steadfast in our committment, and focused in our aims. This is how to make our voices heard and our efforts count – if not for ourselves, then for the Zoomers who had no say in the circumstances that they have inherited. It’s time for those tired of the infighting and intellectual purity-spiraling to step up to the challenge, and put their time and energy where their values are – especially when those values include cooperation.

Now you may be curious why possibly the most English-sounding guy you’ve ever heard is saying all of this, and on a website called WhiteAmericanMedia no less.

It’s because I know better than anyone what happens when a country abandons the freedoms of speech and a right to bear arms that we have already lost in mine, and are slowly being bled out from yours by a thousand cuts. Its because the ‘swamp’ lives in America: from Silicon Valley social media, to the films and TV we consume from Hollywood. America is the infected heart pumping subverted blood into every other European vessel, the core of a hydra that must be cut down if we are ever to live in healthy and moral societies again.

With the alarming speed that our future (or should I say lack-thereof) appears to be unfolding, I don’t blame anyone for being uncertain about the fate of modern America. Her founding demographic are the most singled-out and publicly antagonized of this country’s growing array of political identity-groups; while at the same time being the only group which is not permitted to stand-up for itself, defend itself from attack or even assert its own cultural values. The one identity which has had an undeniable hand in the prosperity of almost every single other nation on this Earth, while simultaneously remaining the most humble, polite, and even charitable – both by the numbers, and by the real communities we create. Afterall, there must be a reason why everybody else wants to move here…

That’s why these communities are worth protecting, and that’s why we are WhiteAmericanMedia – the final battle-ground for our liberties is here.

Our mission is clear: it’s in our name, our brand, and everything we breath. And it is because of this that I have penned what you are reading now, not only because we must escape the quicksand that is Silicon Valley, but because we will need each other to do it.

We have built and will continue to grow this platform from the ground-up. No corporate masters. Entirely self-hosted and organically funded. We are here to work with you, and on your behalf. We are here to spread White Positive messages, which are desperately necessary for the dignity and safety of our people. Messages unwelcome in the co-opted ‘polite society’ that whites have created in the first place.

We refuse to hide crucial messages like this behind euphemisms and paywalls. So whether you join us, support us, or come along for the ride, it’s time to get…


– NeoAnglo



Co-Founder, White American Media

White American Media is just getting started, and we are looking for Creators like you
Our purpose is to lead the white working-class in decisive political action, and to represent our collective interests without apology or compromise
To do that, we needed a space to reach our audience without worrying about getting de-platformed
Whether you are a writer, commentator, artist, musician, or just conscious about the issues facing everyday Whites in our ancestral homelands:

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